There is somewhere in the region of 22 different major religions recognized in the world today with an indefinable number of sub groups each adhering to its own rituals with unique sacraments, with all monotheistic religion claiming exclusivity of deity (although some now choosing to embrace ecumenism); how then do we identify the Truth?

Created by the one true God for His glory, mankind thus has an innate need for identification (Isaiah 43:7) and to praise His Name (Isaiah 43:21). Fallen man fails to understand why he experiences this implicit sense of loss when his genealogy has not been established early in life, unfortunately, producing an inherent dilemma for those individuals who have been subject to an atypical lifestyle; such as the adoption process. This can serve to promote attachment issues, whereby this sense of belonging or natural inheritance becomes an issue because he has associated it with natural parentage rather than attributing it to the degenerative separation from his Creator.

If there is only one true God; which one of the gods’ mankind chooses to worship is the ‘real deal’, and what credible supporting evidence is there to substantiate this? Does it stand up to scrutiny? The Holy Bible declares itself to be the Word of God (John 1:1) and purports to be a living Word (Hebrews 4:12) for our instruction in all manner of life skills (2 Timothy 3:16). The first requirement is that the author of the work purporting to hold these credentials need establish Himself as residing ‘outside our physical time domain’ (Isaiah 57:15; Romans 1:20) and thus capable of presenting accurate accounts of forthcoming events (Isaiah 46:10). The bible boasts some 8,362 Predictive verses, 1,817 Predictions, 737 separate matters and accounts for almost one third of the bible. It is a matter of record that the Hebrew Old Testament scriptures (translated into Greek around 270BC, known as The Septuagint: LXX) details over 300 specific prophecies relating to the coming Messiah, since fulfilled; the statistical probability of which is incalculable. The fulfilment to date of around 2,000 of approximately 2,500 prophecies (around 4/5) enables us to identify where we currently are on the path of history.

Additionally, there is unequivocal codification of chronological family genealogies, specific mathematical constants (value of ‘pi’ and ‘e’) in scriptures pertaining to the creation of the universe and even the gospel message codified within the names of the descendants from Adam to Noah. Careful application to the Holy Scriptures conclusively proves an integrated message system from beyond our time domain that is historically, astronomically and scientifically accurate. Although some scientists refute this, in doing so they breach their own defined laws of thermodynamics (the second law of which relates to the bondage of decay, determining that all matter is subject to deterioration) to promote their unscientific theory of evolution.

The fundamental question is: Does it matter? Emphatically; yes it does! Our eternal security depends on it. There will be a test!