The Way Bible College is a new independent school founded in 2020 by Sam and Diane Hartley. The college operatates from Urban Grace Church 32A-34A York Road Belfast BT15 3HE.

The college opened its doors on 12th April 2021. Pastor’s Craig and Tracey Seawright have facilitated this venture and given their full and continued support throughout, and will continue to be an integral part of the school.


The college is non- denominational, and does not hold to or endorse any particular principles of any specific denomination. We believe the Holy Scriptures alone are the foundation of Truth and the fundamental basis of our belief system. The church as a whole form the Body of Christ, made up of individuals who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, having made Him their Lord and Saviour. Every part of the body is fundamental and essential in building the church as Jesus Christ intended.

For further information and current enrollment for September 2022 contact: Diane Hartley 07887894878, or send message though our contact page or The Way Bible College Facebook page.